Meet Our Tutors

Syeda Ali - RPM Provider

Syeda holds a Bsc in Psychology & Neuroscience and is level II certified in RPM. She was the first person sent by HALO RPM to HALO USA for a 3 month internship, receiving full training by Soma Mukhopadhyay. She has been teaching children using RPM since January 2013.

Andrea - RPM Tutor

Andrea completed her introduction to RPM with Soma in Texas 4 years ago and has been working with her son Francesco ever since. He obtained open communication 3 years ago and is working towards an Open University degree. Andrea has a nursing background in addition to training at the Royal Academy of Dance as a classical ballet teacher and opening her own dance school.

Diana - RPM Tutor

Diana started using RPM with her 21 year old son Sam 2 years ago after attending one of Soma's workshops. This was a revelation and totally changed her perception of what Sam was capable of. Diana is a registered nurse and specialised in spinal injuries. She now works locally in order to focus on Sam and his needs.

Louise - RPM Tutor

Louise is a qualified teacher and has been working in education for over 20 years now. Her initial experience was in the mainstream system but she has been working with children and young adults with autism for the last 3 years. Louise has 4 children one of whom has autism. She has attended 2 Soma workshop's over the last 2 years and continues to learn and develop as an RPM tutor.