Booking and Payment

Introductory Sessions

HALO RPM believes that all autistic people, however severe, are capable of greater levels of learning and communication than is apparent from their general behaviour. However, we recognise that the impact of RPM can vary from case to case, as can the perception of the parents or carers regarding what is achieved.

Therefore, HALO RPM operates a free of charge introduction comprising an initial consultation followed by a 30 minute RPM tutoring session to permit both HALO RPM and the parents or carers to gauge impact and determine whether to continue with RPM.

For more information or to book your session, please contact our administrator Katrina on .

The first session is a free trial at our London centre and all subsequent sessions must be paid for one month in advance.

1:1 RPM Provider - Syeda Yumna Ali            

        Option 1             1 hour session - £50.00
    Session comprises of:
  • 25 minutes RPM session
  • 10 minute tutor discussion
  • 25 minutes feedback to parents (progression, lesson plans, parental trial session)

        Option 2             30 minute session - £30.00
    Session comprises of:
  • 25 minute RPM session
  • 5 minutes feedback

1:1 Tutors - 30 minute sessions £15.00 

    session comprises of :

  • 30 minute RPM session
  • 5 minutes feedback
Tutors available: Louise Bavetta, Diana Eden, Andrea Furlotti