About Us

HALO RPM is a Community Interest Company founded by Andrea Furlotti to expand the use of the Rapid Prompting Method (RPM) in the UK following her extraordinary experience with her son Francesco (see "Francesco's Story"). 

"Clearly, what Soma Mukhopadhyay had been able to achieve with Francesco was beyond my wildest dreams. If we were going to be able to expand this in the UK, then my first step had to be to try to understand if her skills were transferable". 

So Andrea spent a week at HALO in Austin, Texas learning about the application of RPM from Soma herself. On her return to the UK, she began working with Francesco and the autistic children of two friends using the techniques she had learned.

"If Soma's ability is measured as a ten out of ten, then I would say that I was achieving around a three. But I was definitely making some progress and getting through to these children so it was clear to me that the techniques developed by Soma were complex but they could be taught to a great degree".

With the confidence engendered from her own experience, Andrea was motivated to found HALO RPM UK and persuaded Soma to visit London for three-day workshops in May 2011 and March 2012. The workshops were very successful and Andrea proceeded to raise funds to recruit her first tutor, Syeda Ali, who undertook a three month internship at HALO in Austin at the beginning of 2014 learning and practising RPM to a Level 2 standard. 

Launched formally in September 2014, HALO RPM UK now has a fixed base of operation and a tutor group able to offer RPM tutoring to autistic people of all abilities. Contact us for further information below:


Tel:Syeda:   07957 901440
Andrea: 07809 472127